Absolut Elyx

The Elyx Water Truck Boutique

Car Design, Activation.

How to solve the global water crisis one copper pineapple at a time. The Swedish luxury vodka Absolute Elyx partnered with Water For People on a 5-year mission to bring access to safe water to 100,000 people. To generate funds over the holiday period we created the Elyx Water Truck Boutique. We converted a custom 1948 truck into a quirky water truck that could open up and become a store.

The truck traveled the country, from NYC to LA w it a final stop in Miami for Art Basel. Along the way, the truck spread hospitality and cheer by serving Elyx cocktails in the very copper, very hospitable Elyx Pineapple drinking vessel. With each copper pineapple gift purchased you also purchased the gift of clean water to someone in need.

The Elyx Water Truck Boutique generated enough funds to provide access to 1.7 million liters of safe water to 12,500 people in developing nations.

The Elyx Water Truck Boutique has travelled to NYC, LA and Miami and is still rolling.

Client: Stella Artois

Agency: Sid Lee New York

ECD: Daniel Chandler

ACD: André Gidoin

ACD: Ryan O'Keefe

Designers: Thorbjørn Gudnason, Jessica Marak

Producer: Oscar Péré

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