Personal Project

The Fantastical Fairground

Short Film

Up higher than you've ever been, past the third cloud to the right and straight on towards the sun, lies a world of wonder and excitement – a place where young and old can play in the clouds, spinning and whooshing like never before. We hope you have fun and enjoy the rides!

Makerie Studio and Director André Gidoin have teamed up again to create a surreal world of paper wonder, this time high in an imaginary sky. The Fantastical Fairground is a fully functional set, created from a combination of paper and found vintage toys, which we injected with new life and fresh colors. Filmed over the course of yet another weekend in New York, the Fairground also features pieces brought to life by chains, cogs and old childhood favorites - Meccano motors.

Marcus Loeber created the score to the video, once again bringing his incredible talent to the table - this time with the help of Cosma & Emelie, who sing along to the track in the same lighthearted tone as the fairground itself.

Special thanks to Kris Paulsen who helped us on set. Couldn't have made this without you!

Stills from the film:

Client: Personal Project / Makerie Studio

Director: André Gidoin

Post Prod.: André Gidoin

Designed by: Makerie Studio

Music: Marcus Loeber

Song by: Cosma & Emelie

Production Assistant: Kristoffer Paulsen

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