Save A Friend

Avis is an Italian blood donor association. "Save A Friend" is an online interactive experience to get young people to donate blood. Many people who don't donate blood have not been personally affected by a situation that demands a blood transfusion. But if a friend needs a blood transfer you would be there for him or her.

A friend needs your blood. Will you help? In this interactive and customizable Facebook video, people see their friend in need through their friend’s own eyes. The viewer will have to take a stand when asked if they would donate blood to help their friend. People share the video by making their own version of them in danger, and thus spreading the Avis message. Would you save your friend?

Case Study
Some stills from the interactive video
Avis Save A Friend image Avis Save A Friend image Avis Save A Friend image Avis Save A Friend image avis board


Avis (Italian Blood Donation Organization)


Leo Burnett Milano

Art Director:

André Gidoin, Massimiliano Bibbo


Markus Ivan Johansson

Digital Creative Director:

Paolo Boccardi

Executive Creative Director:

Enrico Dorizza, Sergio Rodriguez