my name is André Gidoin

This site was designed and coded by me so if you see some bugs they are totally my fault.


My name is André Gidoin and I'm French-Norwegian like a croissant with smoked salmon. Add a shot of espresso for the three and a half years I spent working at Leo Burnett in Milan and now I'm consuming all these things at the same time in the big melting pot that is New York City. I graduated from Westerdals School of Communication in Oslo 2009 as an award-winning student, helping the school reach the top 10 creative schools of the Decade list, according to Young Guns.

My way of thinking and strong focus on craft has brought life to award-winning work for clients such as Montblanc, The United Nations, Avis, Chrysler, Jeep and Samsung. This has resulted in a lot of scary metal creatures in my award shelves from award shows such as Cannes, The One Show, Eurobest, Sharks, LIA, ADC, Epica and Young Guns. I have ranked in consecutive years on the list of best young creative under 30 where my former partner and I were named the 5th best creative team under 30 of 2012 and in 2013 I ranked as 16th best creative.

I am an Art Director, specializing in engagement platforms, branded arts and entertainment and digital/technology driven ideas. On my spare time I like to direct, shoot and edit short films, code/create websites, play basketball and Skype with my newborn nephew who doesn’t understand that his uncle is on the screen trying to say hello.