Stella Artois

Le Savoir – A Multi-Sensory Experience Platform

Interactive Music Video, Event Design, Online Film, BTS Series.

Four events around the world and Music Video You Can Taste. Stella Artois wanted to activate their brand like never before. We took inspiration from their Belgian heritage and savior faire as well as their famous Chalice, designed to enhance the taste of their beer, to create Le Savoir: a global multi-sensory experience platform.

Awaken Your Senses. With time as the metaphor and Stella Artois as our muse, we invited guests to a forgotten garden in the heart of the city where they could explore a luxuriant labyrinth of edible curiosities. We concepted everything from sensory experiences, spatial design, performances, food, costumes, make-up, props, cutlery; you name it, we did it.

Le Savoir was hosted in Montreal, New York City, Buenos Aires and Seoul. Each event ran 2-3 times per night over the course of 5-7 days in each city with more than 8560 guests in attendance.

The experiential platform was crafted to make it easy for regional and local Stella Artois POCs to activate Le Savoir at scale in their markets.

Music Video You Can Taste, Case Study:

A teaser film invited guests to the event:

Pictures from the events in Montreal, New York City, Buenos Aires and Seoul:

Client: Stella Artois

Agency: Sid Lee New York

ECD: Daniel Chandler

ACD: André Gidoin

ACD: Ryan O'Keefe

Experience Designer: Claudia Chagui

Executive Producer: David Isaac

Producer: Betiel Salomon

Music Video Prod. Co.: Tool of NA

Music Video Director: Ben Tricklebank

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