Personal Project

Wheel Of Life

Short Film

Makerie Studio creates bespoke paper show pieces, newly represented by talent agency Sarah Laird & Good Co. To launch their new studio in New York and create awareness of their arrival to potential clients I directed and shot a film highlighting the versatility of paper, magically bring one of these worlds to life.

A Zoetrope is a device that produces the illusion of motion from a rapid succession of static pictures. Often referred to as the Wheel Of Life, we were inspired to tell the story of one zoetrope in particular, that one night came to life. All filmed in camera, the horses on the carousel are spaced to spin in sync with the camera’s frame rate to create the illusion of motion. Each horse is carefully studied to follow the one before it, so that once at speed they appear to be galloping.

The short film was featured on

The short film was sent by email to industry leaders around the world and 50 hand crafted 3D mailers were also sent to potential clients in the US with a link to the video.

Stills from the short film:

Client: Personal Project / Makerie Studio

Director, DOP, Editor & Sound Engineer: André Gidoin

Paper Art and Set Design: Makerie Studio

Score and Sound Design: Marcus Loeber

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