Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football

Feel What It Feels Like To Feel The Wins

TVC, Pre-Roll, Social, Banners, Takeovers, Swag, Event, etc.

WINNING IN FANTASY SPORTS is much more than winning a few bucks at the end of the season. It's everything from bragging through funny memes to trolling your boss and not getting fired. It's all the wins you feel throughout a season that give you that fist-pumping hell-yeah moment.

So while ESPN, CBS and the NFL are welcome to own the serious side of fantasy, we'll be spiking footballs and dropping silly Gifs in your feed. Because we're all about supercharging that winning feeling and channeling Yahoo's inner Internet rebel yodel while we Feel The Wins.

Fantasy Football is social. So we brought the feeling of feeling the wins to life through a Snap Lens, social posts, banners, and swag.

Client: Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football

Agency: Sid Lee New York

ECD: Daniel Chandler

ACD: André Gidoin

ACD: Jim Robbins

Executive Producer: Nalina baratz

Design Director: Malte Gruhl

Designers: Mikhael Villegas, Rui Ma, Guillaume Vaillancourt, Iris Lee

Prod. Company: Dummy Films

Director: Michael Illick

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